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  1. Gemunu Ratnayake says:

    This effort deserved immense of gratitude as it serves a great deal of reminiscence and collection of our beloved Teachers.
    This will preserve the History of Teachers of Dharmaraja for us,for youngsters, and for everyone of future world.
    Dear Kamal Siriwardana Sir,and all the members of the committee ,Please accept my heartfelt greatfulness for this beautiful piece of work !!

  2. Dr. G.B.Giragama says:

    Dear Committee Members

    Thanks for the effort made by all of you last four years. I think if prepared in English that is easier than this and more viewers for the web. Given publicity by web or Facebook that is easily attracted by viewers. Mr Kamal done a very good job with committee members.

  3. Dr. G.B.Giragama says:

    Good effort. We know the difficulties faced by the committee last 4 to 5 years to gather information.
    Thanks for all made effort to do success.

  4. Thushara Diyabalanage says:

    …excerpt from an email sent to Pranama Pravishta author…
    First of all let me congratulate you for compiling Pranama Pravishta about the past teachers of Dharmaraja. It is a great collections of very valuable information and you have integrated everything into a very attractive little package with a lot of creativity. I derived enormous satisfaction by going through each page and spontaneously spending few moments amongst those precious memories of the past with some of my teachers who shaped my destiny many years ago. Thanks for dedicating your time for such a wonderful creation that will particularly benefit past student who are living far away from Sri Lanka.

    It is a journey towards past and your book exemplifies it in no better way than showing the younger and older pictures of teachers giving us a rude awakening of the passage of time.
    Dr. Thushara Diyabalanage
    (Old Rajan)
    New York, USA

  5. P. K. Premaratne says:

    Excellent effort. Tedious job, but it may be possible to extend to include all our noble teachers, Col Edward Perusinghe, Col S. L. B. Amaranayake, and many more.
    Thanks Kaushalya-DAANA for creating and hosting the site having all necessary features.

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